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The scheme launched mentioned that a member of the scheme could get a plot of 100 sq yard in Pushkar for Rs 41,000. “For this plot, initially, a member had to deposit Rs 11,000 in advance at the time of obtaining membership of the scheme and remaining money was to be deposited against the membership of the plot in 15 instalments of Rs 2000 each per month. “Till date more than 11,000 persons have invested in the scheme,” Mishra said. The company, which is into multi-level marketing, had collected money from public and distributed commission to existing member for adding a new member in the scheme. The company had acquired some agricultural land near Pushkar and the photographs were shown to the investors to induce them to invest in the scheme, wrongly promising an upcoming township there. “The company reportedly allotted plots to a few members but for most of the other members it did not fulfil its promise since the whole scheme, in fact, was a farce. The company had only a limited piece of land, that too agricultural, grossly insufficient to allot plots to the huge number of members they made. “There were no sanctions of a township and the money generated from public was circulated to pay commissions and rewards to earlier members to lure more customers. The company, in this way, cheated the members of their invested money,” Mishra said.
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The Cult of Multi-Level Marketing

Direct selling businesses include toys and clothing for children, kitchen supplies, home decor, jewelry, crafts, adult novelties and much more. There is a direct selling business for virtually any interest and many companies within each category. The commission structures and upfront costs will vary by company as well as how deep of a downline (recruits) the demonstrator can have and earn from their sales. Choosing a Direct Sales Company When searching for a direct sales opportunity, talk with others who have also pursued a work from home business with that company. In conducting research, it is important to distinguish between multi-level marketing opportunities and pyramid schemes . Find out about the pros and cons, upfront costs, ongoing costs and commission structure for the business. Ask about the amount of support available for new and existing demonstrators. Having an online presence with a website to sell products or book parties is also essential in reaching more potential customers. Choose a work from home opportunity based on interests or current hobbies.
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They didnt have to take a major risk or even a pay cut. They simply joined a company that has grown from $5 million to $100 million to $1 billion to more than $80 billion since inception. If you joined at a time when your options might have come to $100,000 at a $10 billion valuation (a small percentage of the total), they will turn into about $1 million when the company gets sold. True enterprises experience a rising tide lifts all boats. Network marketing businesses do not. The bigger the network marketing company gets, the bigger only the head gets. Even if you come up with a new trick to help sales, which they will then take and tell others, you receive nothing for the growth you create. Inequality MLM businesses are deliberately closed organizations. As mentioned above, they promote a dream and a vision, but they treat those in the business like sheep. There is no upward mobility, no advancement and no room for creativity.
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Multi Level Marketing – Best MLM Opportunities

We also found that the law too is reluctant to act. There is also ample confusion within the Government on the legal status of multi level marketing firms. In December 2002, the then Minister of Consumer Affairs, Srinivasa Prasad, told the Lok Sabha that multi-level marketing schemes are legal. But on the same day, the then Minister of State for Finance, Anandrao Adsul, told the Lok Sabha that such schemes were in fact illegal and should be investigated. The Reserve Bank of India too has done a flip-flop on this. In 2001, it declared the MLM schemes of Japan Life illegal. But in February 2003 it changed its mind. Like millions across the world, they too fell for the sales pitch, lost time money and effort chasing an illusion. Says software professional, AVS Satyanarayana, Finally we know this is not worth the time and money we spend but because to support our people who are really mad for it. Agrees another member, Dr Umamasheswara Rao, It is not a gambling because gamble is designated as gambling, prostitution is designated as a prostitution, this is shown as a business it is not a business. Mathematics and common sense will tell you that losing money in network marketing is not because you failed.
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Multi-level Marketing: In the Wrong Hands, Ripe for Abuse

Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add networkmarketingo’s video to your playlist.… Multi Level Marketing or MLM is a great concept….You find a MLM company, sign up and all you need to do now is find people to join you (your Downline), easy right! WRONG! I have seen so many people fail before they even get started in Multi Level Marketing only because they followed some hype or B.S. that an over-eager Sponsor peddled, and of course promised you wealth beyond your wildest dreams! Oh yeah, I forgot about the bit where they also said that “you can do this part-time and with very little effort” — it’s the ‘very little effort’ that really grinds on me! How many businesses in the world can you think of that are highly successful with ‘very little effort’? Exactly! Multi Level Marketing — What Exactly Is It? Well Multi Level Marketing or MLM has been around for ages and is becoming more popular now than ever. Basically you find a good, reputable MLM company and agree to sell their wares for a flat fee. You are then expected to recruit your team (your Downline), and in turn they do the same, so in theory it produces a cascading effect.
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My Experience With Multi-Level Marketing

The Trump Network , the new Donald Trump-branded multi-level marketing business that is “designed to make people healthier with customized vitamins and nutritional supplements, and to encourage individuals to become entrepreneurs and to take control of their financial well-being.” In an e-mail, Trump told The Associated Press that The Trump Network is his “rescue and recovery program” for people who have been hit hard by the recession. If you do want to join the Trump Network, you can start with just $48. That will get you a marketing kit and three months of access to a Web site where you can direct your customers and recruits. But the AP adds that “participants are often sold a $497 package that includes the marketing kit, products, CDs, sales tips and coupons.” Although the strength of Donald Trump’s brand has been in decline for some time, he’s probably a good fit for multi-level marketing. While most serious businesspeople see him as a pariah, there are quite a few wanna-bes who look up him — and might just be desparate enough for cash to give multi-level marketing a try. At least one ambitious distributor has already begun placing ads on Facebook to lure in new recruits (see the screenshots I took above) — and with a significant chunk of the 10.2% of unemployed Americans sitting at home browsing Facebook, it just might work. But pay no attention to the grammatical errors in sentences like “Everyone deserves a chance to have the life they dream about!” Is Trump Network a good ticket to wealth? Here’s what the False Profits blog had to say about that in August, when news of Trump’s MLM project first began to trickle in: “To those not caught up in MLM’s delusions and entrapments, Trump’s association with MLM is a red flag of flim-flam. A guy known for extravagant consumption, an overbearing braggart, a figment of PR spin, a more info regular on the covers of celebrity scandal magazines, a promoter of professional wrestling, a bankrupt executive in the gambling industry, a schemer notorious for skipping out on debts, a man famous for win-lose ‘deals.’ This is the spokesman for a business based on person-to-person selling to friends and relatives?”
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Donald Trump enters the world of multi-level marketing

The company was called JAFRAJan and Frank were the ownersand all Mom had to do to make money was to host parties and invite her women friends. What happened next was what often happensMom threw a few parties, went to a few parties, and then the creams and lotions sat in the cupboard for the next decade. (They were really good products though!) In college, I worked for a fast-food franchise owner who was big into Amway. She bought all their cleaning products for the restaurant. She was convinced that this company was her ticket to early retirement and possibly multi-millionaire-dom. As far as I know, shes still trying to become a Diamond. The BBB sometimes gets calls about multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Are they scams? While any particular scenario could be a scam, the short answer is no. MLM is a legitimate business model that has made certain individuals extremely wealthy. However, it isnt easy.
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How multi-level marketing cheats at all level

AP Bhawan asks Naidu to vacate its premises

According to a number of industry experts, it all lies in how the compensation plan works. And each companys plan works in a different way. Some operators succumb to the temptation to milk the IRs rather than help them make sales, giving rise to the industrys sometimes-deserved reputation for exploiting the people at the bottom of the chain the so-called downline. According to Jeff Ernsthausen, writing in Harpers Magazine , such companies can create incentives for sales reps to focus on inventory sales to these recruits, rather than on sales to end consumers.the distinction between a legitimate business and pyramid scheme hinges on whether these commissions come mainly from retail sales to final consumers or inventory sales to other distributors. Vigorous industry efforts and lawmakers in some countries have attacked some of the worst problems. Its possible that the best policeman is the Internet where the more spurious charges flourish in sketchy personal blogs but dont make it onto reputable sites. Abuses still happen sometimes; unknowing IRs (independent representatives) and unscrupulous operators can team up to bring these practices into play: Top-weighted compensation plans. Bosses upstream in the sales network, sometimes a number of them, get as much money per sale as the person who makes it. A reversal of the normal way to pay commission to salesmen in the field. Stockpiling. Requiring IRs to purchase large amounts of inventory to join the network, or to qualify for commissions. Channel-stuffing. Coming up with frequent revisions or updates to products that IRs have already purchased, making them out of date and unsalable so that IRs have to get rid of them often by giving them away, so that they have to buy more just to stay in business. Inadequate controls. Failing to keep overly-aggressive IRs from making false or misleading claims of income just to recruit new members to the network. Pay to play. Requiring IRs to pay exorbitant fees just to join the network or to maintain their status in it, incenting upstream people to make money simply by getting more people to join. Spurious sales tools. Requiring IRs to purchase high-priced training session and sales tools like books and DVDs of uneven quality and value. Often a way to milk more money out of poor performers before they leave the network. Cult-like culture. Motivations a key part of all sales organizations; some MLMs amp it up with messianic language and a powerful sense of purpose and community so that IRs stick with it to be loyal and keep friends, even when losing money.
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Multi-level marketing plans are often pyramid schemes

On the surface it appears to be an attractive business opportunity to involve your network of friends and family, sell products and make a lot of money. You have the support of a multi-level marketing company who supplies the product, with marketing support and sometimes training. They will not call themselves a multi-level marketing scheme and some do not actually sell a product or service, they may just offer an investment opportunity. Most multi-level marketing businesses offer a plan that claims that you will receive commissions by selling their product as well as commissions on the sales of people you recruit. Typically, you sign up, send money for the product or business package and your recruits do the same and their recruits do the same. Everyone is sending the multi-level marketing company money to be a member. Legitimate? The whole scheme depends on you recruiting people to distribute the product and of course the people you recruit must recruit and on and on it goes. Not all multi-level marketing schemes are fraudulent.
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